Sticky Situation: A Rowdy Bunch

What do you when a group’s good time becomes disruptive to other guests?



The Situation: “When a group of friends come in for a fun spa day, it’s bound to get louder than usual,” says Tamara Friedman, owner of Tamara Spa + Wellness in Farmington Hills, Michigan. “It’s always hard to tell guests to keep it down, but sometimes it’s necessary to ensure the comfort of your other clients.”

The Solution: “We speak to them nicely and use verbiage like, ‘Girls, I am so glad you are having such a fabulous time. However, right behind this wall we have clients who came for a relaxing massage. We want you to have fun, but please use softer voices’,” says Friedman. “You can be preemptive too. If I book a group of girls that I know might be loud, I book them at a time when the spa isn’t too busy. That works too.”

What would you have done? Please sound off below in the comment field. Have you had a similar experience? Got a sticky situation to share? Email your spa horror story to [email protected]!

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