Thalgo Marine Shot Masks

Flash Lift Mask (1)

Thalgo created three different 10-minute Marine Shot Masks that boost the efficacy of cellulose masks through algae fibres and smoothing film. Thalgo also created stimulating facial massage movements to be performed with each mask and further boost its benefits. The three different masks include the Thirst Quenching Shot Mask, Energy Booster Shot Mask and Flash Lift Shot Mask. 

Shot Mask Breakdowns

Thirst Quenching Shot Mask - This mask is designed for thirsty skin, and it uses blue ocean sap and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin. 

Energy Booster Shot Mask - This mask energizes and smooths the skin with an anti-gatigue concentrate made from hyaluronic acid and marine magnesium. 

Flash Lift Shot Mask - This mask uses superactive marine silicon and tightening seaweed sugar to lift features and fill wrinkles in the face.

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