LA Salt Co

Our family has been in the salt and ingredients industry for over 40 years, so we grew up learning about raw materials and what they are used for, and what makes an ingredient better or more effective than others. This fueled our passion for learning the science behind how products are made, and what makes an effective product. When we started working as young professionals, we quickly realized that if we don’t take the time to rest and reset, we will quickly burn out. And despite the sunshine in Los Angeles, we both noticed that everyday stressors were starting to weigh us down. When we learned that magnesium deficiency could explain our frustrating symptoms, we began a self-care routine that included soothing salt baths filled with magnesium. In a matter of weeks, we both felt happier, stronger, and healthier, than we had in years. We created our all-natural products to help others experience the same amazing benefits that we did. We hope they bring you as much health and happiness as they've brought us!