4 Tips for Adding Snacks to the Spa Experience

women enjoying snacks at spa
Creating a food experience focused on mindful eating will set your menu apart and truly engage your clientele.

I know what you’re thinking: “A dietitian’s take on what to serve in a spa? Fruits and veggies, check! We’ve got that.” And while you are right, that’s just the beginning—the easy part. What will set your menu apart from others is creating an entire food experience that awakens all the senses, revolving around a concept called mindful eating. Mindful eating is rooted in the broader philosophy of mindfulness, a centuries-old practice in focusing on the present moment, bringing awareness to one’s thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. To eat mindfully is to tune into all the physical and emotional senses and cues around mealtime, enjoying the food and eating experience more fully without judgment.

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