Innovative Dog Reiki & Astrology Readings at Wildflower Farms

Wildflower Farms exterior
Wildflower Farms curates a luxurious guest experience rooted in the natural world's rejuvenating delights.
Photo courtesy of Wildflower Farms

Wildflower Farms, Auberge Resorts Collection provides an innovative wellness escape—from easing wakefulness with morning fitness classes to minimizing sleep interruption through its serene setting. The resort encourages the mind-body connection with unique experiences such as reiki healing and astrology readings. 

Encompassing 140 acres of the Hudson Valley, Wildflower Farms boasts a curative ambiance and a therapeutic energy heightened by the resort’s wellness programming.

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Astrology & Stargazing

Guests can begin each day in the Fitness & Movement Studio for complimentary classes, ranging from yoga, breathwork, HIIT, pilates, sound meditation and Forest Immersion/Shinrin Yoku. In addition to enjoying nights of stargazing, delve deeper into the meaning of the stars with astrology readings. A local, professional astrologer is on call to read guests' birth charts, discover insights to navigate present challenges, embrace fresh perspectives and align with the soul’s purpose.

Dog Reiki

Guests can book a private session with the property’s Reiki Master for energy work that leaves participants feeling relaxed and shifted in mind, body and spirit. Alleviating anxiety and stress isn’t just for humans and Wildflower Farms partners with an animal reiki specialist to offer experiences for guests’ pets.

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