4 Menopause-focused Wellness Retreats in 2024

Rancho La Puerta Yoga
Rancho La Puerta offers classes and treatments that help alleviate discomfort from menopause.
Photo Courtesy of Rancho La Puerta

The hormone fluctuations that menopause causes can wreak havoc on a woman's body, which is why both spa and wellness treatments can become a perfect combination for making these changes more manageable. These four wellness retreats focus on supporting women as they transition into a new life stage.

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1. Menopause Weeks at Rancho La Puerta | Tecate, México

Rancho La Puerta offers classes and lectures throughout the year led by specialty experts to speak to hormonal health and navigating the stress of the menopausal transition. Topics include hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, irritability, vaginal dryness, decreased libido and skin changes. Learn how to best minimize discomforts, optimize wellbeing and make the most of the menopausal life stage.

During the week of March 9, 2024, The Ranch will offer Iyengar Yoga with Anna Delury where women of all ages are welcome to attend this workshop to gain greater compassion for the menopausal transition years and an understanding of their inherent wisdom. Topics will include irregular menstrual cycles, remedies for hot flashes, pelvic health, mood swings and depression, bone density and more.

2. Chewton Glen | Hampshire, UK

Chewton Glen’s renovated spa caters to luxury travelers from all over the world who visit the property specifically for its award-winning wellness facilities. Chewton has recently introduced a [Meno]pause and Restore treatment that features a restorative 90-minute body ritual, including a stomach massage to release emotional heaviness and aid digestion while providing cell-regenerating, anti-inflammatory properties to the skin and deeper tissues. Live sound is weaved throughout the experience, calming melodies that soothe the mind and body to undergo a refreshing renewal.

3. Beaverbrook, Surrey | UK

International wellness educator and therapist, Amanda Porter, will help guests navigate to a place of power over menopause by exploring the complex physical, emotional and spiritual journey women go on. The day begins with a group workshop before guests receive a 45-minute one-on-one session with Porter where she will teach them a special self-care massage honing in on the anatomy and physiology of the abdomen from the diaphragm into the pelvis. The aim is to help women understand why traditional healing techniques not only have a place but are needed, thus, placing the power into guests’ hands. The wellness experience also includes a light lunch in the Deli and full use of The Coach House facilities including the indoor and outdoor pools and thermal spa.

4. Mii amo | Sedona, AZ

Mii amo has spent the last 20 years inspiring guests to journey within, find a connection with nature and immerse themselves in well-being. A journey at Mii amo also provides an opportunity to receive support and guidance through life’s changes – with the ability to specifically tailor the experience to ease the transition or better support one’s journey through menopause in the care of their mindfulness team member. Sessions feature support and guidance, opportunities to gain clarity for personal transitions and treatments that detoxify and balance the mind and body.

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