5 Simple Morning Yoga Poses to Recommend to Male Clients

5 Reminders Men Should Know Before Practicing Yoga

Are your male clients interested in adding yoga to their daily self-care or fitness routine? Paul Menard, the leader of a Men's Yoga Retreat at Enliven Vermont called "Welcome the Lone Wolf" is sharing his top tips for preparing your male clients for this important practice. 

Although yoga has many poses, breathing techniques, and meditative practices, some of the most beneficial things your male clients can do to gain body flexibility are the simplest. Here are five morning practices men can start their morning by doing. 


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Five Morning Yoga Practices for Men 

  1. Without stopping the movement of the arms, swing the arms forward from the side and up to frame the ears, then lower them back down (10 repetitions). 
  2. Swing the arms just below shoulder height in front of the body (like a hug), and then back behind the shoulders any amount (10 repetitions); without stopping.
  3. With the arms by the sides of the body, swing the arms out and up, then down by the sides of the body in a flapping motion (10 repetitions).
  4. Swing the arms in full circles, as if you are doing the backstroke, then reverse the cycle as if you were swimming freestyle (10 repetitions each).
  5. Put the hands behind the back and draw the shoulders closer together. Count five breaths, then switch the placement of the thumbs and index fingers. Count to five while holding a steady breath.

Resilient Body, Resilient Mind

These simple movement exercises keep joints lubricated while often promoting faster healing. Yoga builds muscles, tones and stretches muscles and opens joints. As a result, the body becomes stronger and more resilient.

Remember, yoga is a practice for the body and the mind. It strengthens the body, stretches it, and allows it to move more easily. By settling the mind, we create a space for calm and enable us to better control our emotions, fears and anger. 

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