3 Spiritual Wellness Services at Spa Alila

woman at spa alila enjoying wellness service
Spa Alila has introduced a new wellness treatment menu featuring energy work, body rituals and transformative spiritual activities.
Courtesy of Spa Alila at Alila Ventana

Alila Ventana's Spa Alila has designed a sensory experience in Big Sur that encourages clients to embrace their inner piece and connection. This new treatment menu offers massage therapy, energy work, body rituals and transformative private activities that enhance guests' spiritual wellness. 

3 Spiritual Wellness Highlights

    1. Essence Portraits: Local artist and intuitive, Sofaya, paints guests' essence through their unique color patterns. Guests can watch their inner landscape unfold in brilliant colors while discovering their spirit guides, animal spirits and soul mates.
    2. Astrosoma: This cutting-edge modality combines gentle energy muscle testing with the guidance of the client’s astrology natal chart to bring awareness, transformation and ultimately permanent improvement in their life, self and goals. 
    3. Transformation Kinesiology (TK): A modality based on Ageless Wisdom, TK combines gentle energy muscle testing with an inquiry process aimed at awakening soul consciousness. It rewires subconscious gaps formed by trauma, bringing to light negative conclusions and beliefs. By confronting these issues, guests are able to experience healing and joy in a seamless, transformative way that improves their overall well-being.

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