[Inspiration] Hotel Figueroa's Luxury Sleep Experience

Hotel Figueroa Tanveer Badal Hires 2[1][1]
Courtesy of Hotel Figueroa

Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles has launched a Rest & Recovery Suite designed to help guests cope with pandemic-related stress and anxiety. 

The hotel has transformed one of its deluxe signature suites into a fitness and relaxation destination, complete with all of the luxury wellness amenities guests need to rest, recover and recharge. The “rest-cations” are in-room wellness experiences outfitted by sleep and fitness industry leaders.

The experience begins during the booking process, when guests are prompted to fill out a quiz by Pluto Pillow to determine their own personalized pillow preferences. Pluto Pillow is a woman-owned company that custom-builds pillows according to body stats and sleeping preferences.

Once they've arrived at Hotel Figueroa, guests will sleep on the Eight Sleep customizable Pod mattress that adjusts for temperature through the night to maximize sleep quality. After waking up, they can participate in an in-room workout with the personal strength fitness mirror, FORME, and can use Hyperice post-workout recovery tools.

Their relaxing stay can also be enhanced with poolside lounging, outdoor Pilates and yoga classes, and healthy bites at the hotel cafe.

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