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Spiritual energy healing
Energy healing is going to become a popular term in 2021.
Energy healing is expected to become a very well known and frequently used modality in spa and wellness this year. With many consumers turning their focus and attention to their own health and well-beingphysically, mentally and emotionallyenergy healing is a practice that spas and wellness centers around the world are anticipated to adopt to aid their clients in their journey, particularly in 2021. To find out more about this up-and-coming trend, Dayspa discussed energy healing with Harpreet Kaur, LE, an energy healing expert with more than 20 years of experience.Energy Healing Expert of over 20 years.

    DaySpa (DS): What is energy healing? 

    Harpreet Kaur (HK):  I will engage the client in a meaningful conversation to assess their current overall state of being and create a personalized plan for energy transformation. During that session, I guide the client to redirect their negative energy and break that pattern with the use of pure Ayurvedic essential oils in a deeply meditative state of mind. It's not only limited to negative energy; it can be any undesired emotion that's weighing them down. Then, I introduce mindful breathing exercises as their thoughts and breathing are connected. I guide them through their healing journey to gain a deeper recognition of their true nature. Each session varies, as it is personalize, and I teach a variety of other Ayurvedic techniques.

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    Once the person has become an established client and feels comfortable to continue, I'll do a weekly call with them to track their progress. The goal is to teach them how to redirect any unwanted energy and heal themselves. I recommend committing to six sessions to balance the mind, body and spirit, with the goal of having them master mindfulness and express gratitude for the present moment. My clients do experience ultimate relaxation and start to experience a shift in energy during their first session.

    The cost for these sessions vary, starting at $180, and the length runs between 60 and 75 minutes.

    DS: How can energy healing be incorporated into spa treatments?

    HK: I've always incorporated energy healing into spa treatments. My energy and aura has to be positive and clear for me to provide the best services and relaxation for my clients. Remember that energy is neither destroyed nor created, it is transferred. It's important that the person performing the treatments has a clear and focused mind. 

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    During facials, I love using the Kansa wand, a bronze healing metal that is massaged onto certain energy points of the face. This massage will place the client in a deep meditative state and helps them connect to their breathing. The Kansa wand is applied with Ayurvedic oils, which contain turmeric, tulsi (basil) and other essential oils like jasmine and cardamom. The scent is very relaxing, and the whole experience is healing for clients, as they feel their energy being shifted. Of course, a scalp massage is a must, as the head (crown chakra) holds tension; massaging the scalp with oils and even the Kansa wand brings peace and releases that tension.

    DS: How can energy healing help clients suffering from the stress of COVID-19?

    HK: The pandemic has tested all of us, stretching our patience and bringing on a lot of anxiety and worry. It's saddening that so many people have lost their loved ones and are grieving. People's bodies and minds are dealing with so much negativity, especially from external factors like social media, the news and the people we surround ourselves with. Energy healing is a process of learning to be in the present moment, and learning to let go of what no longer serves you. Another important part of healing is also accepting certain emotions in order to let them go. You cannot release an emotion if it isn't recognized. The goal of the whole process is for an individual to be mindful of their daily living. And, the gratitude of the present moment can be immensely helpful to those who are stressed out as a result of COVID-19.

    DS: What turned you toward energy healing?

    HK: Unfortunately, we all go through difficult times in life. The passing of my father was a very difficult time for me, one that I struggled with bouncing back to my thriving career, my family and just my daily life. And, that was followed by other obstacles. As I found myself lost, I dedicated my time to learning meditation and healing in India for myself and started my healing journey. Now, I want to continue to spread a healing and positive touch as an energy healer.

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    DS: How do you think spa professionals can benefit from energy healing during the pandemic?

    HK: Spa professionals can benefit a lot from energy healing. If the person giving the treatment is stressed and tensed, then that energy will be unintentionally transferred to their client. You don't want that! You always want your client to leave feeling relaxed and uplifted. Hence, it's important for spa professionals to focus on their own self-care, as well, and do their best in calming the body and the mind during these difficult times. Some tips that I personally use include:

    • Practicing mindful breathing: Even doing this for 5 to 10 minutes in between sessions can make a big difference. 
    • Listening to meditation music: Sound can alter your energy a lot, and listening to flute or meditation music while you're doing other activities can redirect your attention to your breathing, and can act as a reminder to relax your breathing.
    • Facial massage: Of course don’t forget to give your face some love! Massage with oils onto the third eye and the temples while saying self love affirmations.

    DS: How can spa pros educate their clients on energy healing?

    HK: Spa professionals need to ensure that they have the proper training in order to correctly educate their clients. Then, they can take notes about clients' goals and convey that every healing journey is different. Teach them the benefits of energy healing and usage of essential oils. Help them learn how to balance their thoughts, and that their thoughts and breathing are interconnected. It would be helpful for clients to take a note of how their breath changes as their thoughts effect their emotions, as well. 

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