[Inspiration] Lunar Massage, Elemental Immersion and More Spiritually Nourishing Spa Treatments

Wellness Lunar Massage
Courtesy of Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Wellness treatments are in demand, and spas around the world are coming up with innovative and luxurious offerings that relax guests' bodies and minds. Get inspired by these four spiritually nourishing wellness treatments from top destinations. 

1. Wellness Lunar Massage

Grand Velas Riviera Maya offers a Wellness Lunar Massage, experienced in the property's oceanfront Spa Cabanas. The 90-minute treatment uses aromatic oils from Mexican wellness brand Agave Spa, which deliver the potent benefits of herbs, flowers, spices and roots. In addition to selecting a designated aromatic oil for each lunar phase, spa therapists apply individual oils to each location on the body based on its intention.

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The Wellness Lunar Massage begins with a Mayan welcome ceremony based on the four elements: water, fire, earth and air. Then, the spa therapist provides Agave Moon aromatherapy based on the moon cycle. Different aromatic oils are used on different parts of the body for specific intentions:

  • Here and Now (geranium and marjoram) on the head keeps them present;
  • Love (rosemary, jasmine, black pepper and red pepper) on the heart symbolizes goodness and compassion;
  • Passion (cashmere wood and musk) on the stomach;
  • Prosperity (laurel and peppermint) on the legs reduces fear and anxiety;
  • Protection (marjoram, oregano, cilantro, anis and black peppercorn) is used on the back.

The phase of the moon changes four times per month, so the treatment is adjusted according to each phase. For example, the crescent moon cycle phase emanates power and sensuality. This moon scent contains orange for prosperous and joyful energy, pomegranate to fulfill desires, and nutmeg for its anti-inflammatory naturally relaxing properties. 

2. Vital Energy Journey

Southern California wellness destination Glen Ivy Hot Springs helped guests kick off the New Year with the Vital Energy Journey, a mentally and physically detoxifying ritual, including a Vital Energy Massage and one-day beginner juice cleanse provided by Pressed Juicery.

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The Vital Energy Massage features mud from the Bagni Di Montalcino in Tuscany, which is applied to the back as an excellent way to detoxify and begin recovering from stress and tension. The nutrient-rich, pressed juice cleanse consists of six juices, beginning with the Vanilla Almond juice and ending with the Chocolate Almond juice, which is taken home to be enjoyed two hours prior to bedtime.

Additionally, recommended activities for the Vital Energy Journey include a visit to Club Mud, where guests can detoxify impurities from the skin; soaking in the mineral baths to ease joint pain and soften skin; relaxing in saline pools to reduce inflammation; and visiting the sauna, increasing blood flow with the rejuvenating heat to detox more efficiently. 

3. Elemental Immersion

Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa and Casino announced an Elemental Immersion Experience for guests and local residents. The event is comprised of wellness activities and access to the spa’s amenities for a day.

The Elemental Immersion Experience begins with a breathwork class followed by a cold water immersion in the lake, both hosted by Brooke Haley, certified RYT-Yoga teacher and reiki master. Haley is known for creating powerful mind, body and soul experiences that empower people toward improved well-being.

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Lunch is served after the plunge, and then guests head to the spa to spend some time enjoying amenities including relaxation areas, fitness center, pool and hot tubs.

At 2 p.m., guests attend a sound healing class where they can focus on returning to the elements of nature through the sounds of water, wind, flutes, gongs, Tibetan bowls and more. Hosted by Emily Weer, the session is an opportunity for guests to cleanse and clear out overactivity of the mind and body to be more present and balanced. 

The Elemental Immersion concludes with an inspirational burning ceremony at the pool firepit, in which guests can rid the past to open space and manifest positivity for the future. Attendees then have access to spa amenities until 6 p.m. 

4. Lavender Ritual

Zoëtry Spa by Natura Bissé has created a Lavender Ritual that guides guests to a state of complete relaxation, available at participating properties. The Lavender Ritual begins with an aromatic bath that provides serenity, calm and hydration, and continues with a prebiotic facial treatment that helps prevent signs of aging, as it protects the skin against damage caused by pollution and the blue light of digital devices. The renewing dual-treatment reveals a relaxed mind and rejuvenated complexion.

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