Practicing Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Around the World

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The Western world is only just awakening to holistic wellness that encompasses mind, body and spirit. Many are also realizing that there is an additional fourth component that ancient healing traditions have incorporated for centuries: that of our environment. Ancient healers knew that there is no human health without environmental health, as they are inextricably linked.

For those of us in spa and wellness, we must form genuine, mutually beneficial learning collaborations that combine modern scientific and medical knowledge with the wisdom of traditional healers around the world if we want to provide truly authentic and transformative holistic wellness experiences for our guests.

A lifelong spa-goer and wellness product devotee, Irene Macabante uses her 25+ years of branding and marketing experience to create memorable spa experiences that drive customer loyalty and boost wellness brands’ reputation. As founder and CEO of The Citrine Consulting Collective (, she ensures that its mission and vision are carried out with integrity, efficiency and transparency.

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