Trend Watch: Gemstones

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Gemstones have been a longtime staple in wellness, and as the industry continues to evolve, so too does its use of this wonderful modality. Gemstone therapy is popping up in meditation, facials, bodywork, decor and so much more. Find out what we can expect from these magical little rocks, with expert insights from Knesko, Chakralicious, Crystal Hills Organics and more.

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Trends Included

  • Using amethyst - Lelja Cas, cofounder and president of KNESKO Skin
  • Gemstones becoming a way of life - Lindsay Griesbach, director of brand development and strategic partnerships for HealthyLine
  • Gemstones and mental wellness - Andrea Barone, CEO and founder of Crystal Hill Organics
  • Gemstone facials - Linda Bertaut, LE, reiki master teacher and founder of Charkalicious
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