Color Therapy: Connecting Colors and Emotions to Boost Well-being

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Color therapy is an ancient practice for true holistic wellness. Color has been utilized as medicine instinctively by indigenous peoples and formally in India, Egypt, Greece and China dating back to 1500 B.C. As a holistic wellness modality, it provides an ideal way to match the body’s energy/light self with reflections of like energies that exist outside the physical form. You know these energies as colors, and colors come from light. Color therapy also offers key physical and emotional benefits.

Color therapy is rooted in the belief that colors affect us physically, emotionally and energetically, and there’s truly so much more to them than meets the eye. The practice finds its origin in a deep reverence for the healing nature of the sun, as well as the wisdom that sunlight provides in its healing light rays.

Colors are wavelengths of the visible light spectrum, and each wavelength is a frequency of light that affects the body’s physiology uniquely; colors are in fact energy frequencies. The warm, slower-moving frequencies (red, orange and yellow) tend to stimulate the body, while the cool, faster-moving frequencies (blue and violet) tend to soothe.

For example, a bright red color frequency is energizing and can stimulate circulation, whereas a pale blue frequency is relaxing and can calm the nervous system. In addition, there are key emotional connections and responses to color that are always affecting us, whether we are aware of them or not.

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Constance Hart is an internationally recognized color therapy expert. She is the founder of Conscious Colors ( and the developer of the Color Aroma Color Therapy System. Hart also offers spa consulting, practitioner mentoring, a Color Therapy Certification Course and the Color Spa prog ram.

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