Trending: How Sound Has Changed in the Spa Since the Pandemic

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Sound deeply connects us to the world around us. Whether we’re alert or asleep, our sense of hearing is always on and can signal safety and calm, like trees swaying in the wind, waves gently caressing the shore, birds chirping, Tibetan sound bowls and more. Conversely, noise can jerk us awake by alerting us of impending danger: the rumble of an earthquake, the breaking of glass, screeching brakes, etc. The point is that sound, including ancient and modern man-made beats and melodies, has an undeniable and scientifically proven power to deeply alter the state of our minds, bodies and moods.

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The role sound plays in our overall well-being seems to have gained greater focus during the pandemic. At the start of the crisis, when lockdown mandates spread across major urban areas, we realized that our “normal” world is an incredibly noisy one. Without the constant sounds of planes, trains and automobiles, we delighted at the increase in birdsong and the lack of disruptions outside our windows.

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Cassandra Cavanah, founder of Cavanah Communications, specializes in spa and wellness PR and marketing. She’s also part of the Global Wellness Summit team and authored the Guide to Hydrothermal Spa & Wellness Development Standards.

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