Trend Watch: Reiki

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Reiki is a wellness practice that helps heal the entire being, and it is a growing trend in the spa and wellness industry. See what industry experts had to say about the benefits of this amazing energy practice.

“These days it seems like the beauty and wellness industries are more interconnected than ever. I think most people have come to realize that because stress is a big contributor to skin damage, it is important to incorporate self-care that will help reduce tension and anxiety. There has also been a lot more evidence demonstrating that energy healing works, causing it to become more mainstream and thus transferring over to the beauty scene as most people want to have skin that looks youthful and refreshed.

At Crystal Hills Organics, we have been getting a lot more requests from spas and salons that are adding reiki-enhancing products to their backbar or including them with a signature treatment to meet this demand. The addition of reiki provides an extra flow of energy to heal, balance and nourish our skin as well as our entire well-being.

When we feel calm and rejuvenated, inflammation in the body decreases and our muscles become more relaxed (including those facial muscles). This helps remove any tension or worry lines from your expression, giving you that healthy glow of vitality that we all desire.”

Andrea S. Barone, CEO/founder, Crystal Hills Organics

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