Trending: Expert Insights on Gemstones

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Gemstones are often referred to as “precious stones,” and it couldn’t be more accurate! Gems have become wildly sought-after, both in spa treatments and in consumers’ daily lives, thanks to the wellness and healing benefits they provide. That’s why we’ve gathered this precious advice from industry experts, which is sure to help you find the right way to add gemstones to your menu.

“Gemstones contribute much more to our lives than just their physical beauty—more than on the surface level. When we understand how to integrate them into our daily routine, they have the ability to deepen our experience and how we relate to the world. They open a universe of healing and connection to nature, expanding our bond with all creation. We become in sync, energized and rejuvenated when we experience such elements in treatments.”

–Kathryn Guay, owner and esthetician at Pure Approach Skincare

“These days, crystals are becoming very popular and quite trendy in skin care preparations, home decor and jewelry design. In reality, they’ve been highly sought-after and valued since ancient times. I believe that people are rediscovering crystals’ special qualities and using them to restore some harmony in their hectic and stressful lives. As people see the benefits of their use, whether it’s in a crystal-infused skin treatment or a crystal-enhanced meditation session, the rate of incorporation for bringing crystals back into our lives is rapidly growing.”

–Andrea Barone, CEO and founder of Crystal Hills Organics

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