Making Waves: Best Face Forward

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The health and wellness benefits of yoga are vast—and well known by now. The practice can be gentle with a focus on breathwork and relaxation, or more intense to strengthen and tone muscles. What some may not know is that yoga’s muscle-toning approach has become a popular way to improve signs of aging in the face. In fact, many wellness enthusiasts are now turning to facial yoga as a healthier alternative to invasive antiaging therapies. That’s why I’ve provided these insights into the increasingly sought-after practice.

Face yoga is a great natural solution to regain a more youthful appearance. The practice wakes up sleeping muscles in the face to lift the skin, while relaxing overworked muscles for wrinkle reduction—a natural alternative to injections or plastic surgery. The exercises are quick, usually just three to five minutes per day, and they can be done almost anytime, anywhere. It’s all natural and completely noninvasive.

In addition to the yoga exercises, I highly recommend focusing on proper face posture, i.e., moving the muscles correctly for daily facial activities such as resting face, speaking, smiling, drinking, eating and more. They’re important because moving facial muscles incorrectly can worsen signs of aging, so you won’t see good results even if you do the exercises correctly.

The practice originated in Japan, but now even Hollywood celebrities are getting in on the trend, sometimes as a complement to dermatology or other clinical beauty treatments. I often collaborate with dermatologists, orthodontists and beauty clinicians who recognize the benefits of facial yoga.

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Koko Hayashi was born and raised in Japan, where facial yoga has been popular for nearly a decade. After a plastic surgery mishap, she began practicing face yoga herself and subsequently launched Koko Face Yoga in Los Angeles in 2018 for people seeking natural antiaging solutions. Hayashi’s course was named the No. 1 most popular yoga class at The Yoga Expo Los Angeles and has been featured on “Shark Tank,” “Good Morning America” and more.

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