How to Energetically Clean Your Space

Burning sage smudge stick with crystals

Adora Winquist, aromatherapy and energy medicine expert, and author of Detox, Nourish, Activate: Plant and Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood, and Love, shares tips on how to energetically detox your space. These tips can be useful at home, in spa spaces and any other place where invigorated energy is necessary. Ideal for anyone feeling drained, unmotivated or just "off."

Smudge Sticks

Using plants to heal is something that taps into ancient traditions and wisdom. When introducing smudging into your desired space, intention is of utmost importance. Begin with an intention of gratitude for the plants and cultural connections. Next, consider your desired benefit. The sacred plants are versatile, yet offer specific aspects and alchemy when included in a smudge stick. 


Placing crystals in certain spaces helps cleanse energy and regain new intentions. Every crystal type has a different purpose, so it choose based on what you’re looking for. Some stones may be best used to heal the body or to tap intuition during meditation, while others are better around technology or as a part of a building structure. For example:

  • Citrine: associated with creativity and wealth
  • Rose quartz: promotes positive energy
  • Lapis lazuli: promotes speaking one’s truth with grace, ease and confidence
  • Clear crystals: master healer

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Essential Oils

Premium essential oils and exotics from around the world are curated to offer healing and cleansing powers. A blend including the following can be used to cleanse your environment and personal space to clear unwanted energies, infuse positive energy and open to effortless intention:

  • lemon
  • cardamom
  • tulsi
  • cypress
  • juniper
  • grapefruit
  • geranium
  • Palo Santo
  • sage
  • fennel
  • rosemary

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