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During and in the post-pandemic era, the rise of “wellness music” caused a paradigm shift, according to the Global Wellness Institute. People are seeking specific sound experiences to improve their well-being just when they need them, rather than basing their choices on artist, genre, etc. 

Tech startups and the music industry (from the big streaming music sites to meditation apps) have created music as intentional medicine via playlists to help listeners de-stress, focus, sleep, work out or just achieve bliss.

Now, “generative” platforms use biofeedback and biometric sensors and combine them with AI and algorithms to create an  endless playlist or soundscape to improve well-being. This new technology "listens" to create sequences of songs, chords, beats, tones and more, with the goal of making listeners more well.

Startup labs like Endel, Wavepaths, Mubert and The Lucid Project have been pioneers in this area—and the companies are now growing and making more moves. For example, Endel works with Apple Watch, using heart rate, movement, weather and circadian data to create a neuroscience-based sound bath to optimize the user's day. Soon, it plans to launch a generative Visual+Sound Wellness experience on Apple TV.

Large streaming sites like Spotify and Amazon are also moving to create personalized music for well-being. For example, Spotify recently patented technology that can gauge people’s emotions in order to serve up the appropriate music for them.

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