Helping Guests as They Age: Modalities, Lifestyle Tips and More

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The term “antiaging” has fallen a bit out of favor in recent years. It makes sense, considering growing older isn’t really within our control. As consumers become more savvy about the world of wellness, what they’re really seeking is advice and programming that will help them age gracefully. Of course, skin care that fights wrinkles will always be a huge part of that, but it ties in closely with a healthy lifestyle and well-being offerings that address physical and mental wellness as we age.

So, we’re covering spa treatments and wellness programs that do just that. Learn all about lifestyle habits that improve people’s physical and mental health, beneficial ingestibles, pain management modalities and even step-by-step CBD protocols in our August 2022 Digital Magazine:

When it comes to soothing guests’ bodies and minds at home, sometimes all it takes is a therapeutic bath. These specially formulated soaks are perfect for reducing muscle aches and quieting brain chatter all at once.

Bathorium Hinoki Front

Bathorium Hinoki Magnesium Bath Flake: Tranquil scents of yuzu fruit, hinoki cypress and distilled ginger provide pain relief, as well as a deep sense of meditation. 

Farmhouse Fresh Fizzer

FarmHouse Fresh Rosemary-Mint Hemp-Infused Large Fizzing Bath Soak: Calming CBD and softening coconut oil soothe the body as rosemary and spearmint uplift the senses—all topped off with a pleasant fortune. 

Kneipp Joint Muscle Arnica Bath Salt

Kneipp Joint & Muscle Arnica Mineral Bath Salt: Made with healing arnica and pure mineral salt, this concoction is ideal for achy joints and post-workout recovery. 

Saltability Detox Bath Salt Clipped

Saltability Himalayan Salt Detox Bath: A known detoxifier, Himalayan salt balances bio-energetic weak points and activates the body’s energy flow. 

Saltworks Bokek Organic Neroli 2 2lb Front Sw

Saltworks Bokek Dead Sea Bath Salt: This soak comes in four restorative, organic essential oil infusions targeting pain, skin allergies, exfoliation and more. 

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