Self-Care for the Spa Professional

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We’re living in an unsettling time, and now more than ever, even spa pros need to put ourselves first! In order to provide the quality and professional services that we promise, we must incorporate self-care into our own daily routines. It doesn’t always have to be in the form of going for a professional massage or getting our hair and nails done. These things are important, but they take up a chunk of time and money. So think simple, incorporating smaller tasks throughout each day that can add up and make a bigger impact in your life over time.

As a licensed massage therapist, business owner and professional speaker, I know the importance of simplicity. When I started my business, I worked six to seven days a week seeing 10 to 25 clients; I didn’t want to turn people away since I was building a new business. Over several years, I felt the burnout setting in, and I knew I needed a change. It made sense to pause between clients to reconnect and recharge myself. Reconnecting and recharging are two easy ways spa therapists can practice simple self-care and self-love.

Rules for Recharging

Taking the time to pause and reconnect doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a work in progress. You can recharge by scheduling less clients per day, with larger breaks between each appointment. This gives you the proper amount of time to breathe, nourish and hydrate.

In my case, I started listening to my body to see what it needed, tapping into my intuition, gut and heart to listen and give myself permission to do—or not do—too much on any given day.

This method is a good way to honor and check in with yourself. However, the key word is honor, so make sure not to beat yourself up if you forget to tune into what you really need. Remember to forgive yourself and move on.

When it comes to scheduling breaks, if you have more time, you can choose to rest and listen to a guided meditation, go for a walk outside to get some vitamin D, or just stretch. Incorporating these habits and allowing yourself more downtime will improve your energy over time, and your passion for the services you provide will noticeably increase. One perfect example is that I give the best massages after I return from a vacation or receive a massage myself! It’s all about taking time to rest and reset.

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Sabrina Schottenhamel, LMT, has been a massage therapist for 16 years, and for the past seven years she has been speaking professionally about health and wellness topics. Schottenhamel finds this to be the perfect blend, combining the healing touch of her hands with the power of her voice to share her wealth of knowledge.

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