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Let’s face it: Right now, your clients need you to help them live a harmonious life—one that’s less stressed, better fulfilled and more empowered on the path to true wellness. With so much in a state of tumult, this can seem a daunting task for wellness practitioners. However, there is a tried and true method you can incorporate into your retail offerings that will help your clients integrate wellness practices into their lifestyles while boosting your profits: aromatherapy.

Essential oils contain active chemical compounds from plants, obtained from seeds to flowers to stems, and they can provide numerous aromatherapy benefits via inhalation, diffusion or topical application. (Although there are a select few essential oils that are safe to be applied directly, or neatly, to the skin, most should be diluted in carrier oils if they’re going to be applied topically.)

According to an industry study performed by Grand View Research, the global aromatherapy market size was valued at $1.3 billion in 2018 and is projected to witness 10.4% growth by 2026. This increase is anticipated due to rising awareness about the aromatherapeutic use of essential oils, which is classified as complementary alternative medicine; in fact, many oils have been found to provide benefits for psychological, physical and emotional well-being.

Selling essential oils that allow clients to experience aromatherapy at home can also benefit your bottom line, especially with so many people feeling nervous about returning to the spa. My recommendation? Have fun with your offerings by trying out these sales strategies.

Sell the Staples

There are a handful of essential oils that remain top favorites among wellness pros and clients alike. This is because these oils are easily accessible, reasonably affordable and provide a variety of common benefits. When you start selling aromatherapy, consider these seven staples, which will allow you to meet a range of emotional needs:

• Lavender: promotes relaxation; aids healing of minor cuts and burns

• Peppermint: promotes focus; relieves muscle pain and headaches

• Tea tree: reduces inflammation; helps control acne

• Chamomile: fights anxiety and insomnia symptoms

• Lemon: uplifting and invigorating; purifies the air

• Eucalyptus: helps relieve sinus problems and respiratory issues

• Grapefruit: reenergizes the body; minimizes the appearance of cellulite

Toshiana C. Baker is the founder of SpaWorx (, a consulting and training development agency that educates, enlightens and empowers spa, beauty and wellness organizations, while supporting growth in their financial performance. Baker is a passionate organizational leader, dynamic speaker and bestselling author who has served the spa and beauty industry as a licensed skincare therapist and global educator for nearly 15 years.

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