What Are Millennials' Top Beauty Regrets?

Millennials Regret Their Previous Beauty Choices
Millennials shared their biggest beauty regrets

Hindsight is 20/20, and the latest survey from LaserAway proves this to be incredibly true when it comes to skin care practices. LaserAway surveyed over 1,000 millennials on beauty practices they followed when they were younger that they regret now. This report focused on five key areas including: facial skin care, hair and makeup, health and nutrition, body skin care and dental care. 

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4 Key Takeaways

From the entire report, the top three takeaways included: 

  1. 85% of millennials are more cautious about the beauty practices they follow now than the ones they followed when they were younger;
  2. 49% of millennials regret past beauty trends that they followed when they were younger;
  3. 43% of millennials shared that past beauty practices negatively impacted their skin;
  4. 57% of millennials said they spend more money on their beauty and health now than when they were younger. 

5 Biggest Beauty Regrets

When it comes to beauty regrets for millennials, it ranges to practices that caused premature aging and skin damage to wishing they better embraced their natural beauty in their younger years. The survey listed out the top five biggest beauty regrets shared among millennials.

  1. Not investing in quality skin care
  2. Eating too much junk food
  3. Not getting enough sleep
  4. Not drinking enough water
  5. Not getting enough exercise

The reasons millennial regret these decisions is in part because they negatively impacted their skin (43%), know its possible negative effects now (31%), impacted their health negatively (14%) and caused irreversible damage (12%). 

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Top Beauty Regrets by Category

To take a deeper look into the specific beauty regrets, LaserAway broke down their results by beauty category. 

Top Skin Care Regrets

  1. Not investing in quality skin care
  2. Skipping face moisturizer
  3. Neglecting lip care
  4. Overplucking eyebrows
  5. Skipping eye cream

Top Hair and Makeup Regrets

  1. Overwashing hair
  2. Not using hair heat protectant
  3. Bleaching hair
  4. Not removing makeup before bed
  5. Using heat styling tools
  6. Overusing hair products

Top Health and Nutrition Regrets

  1. Eating too much junk food
  2. Not getting enough sleep
  3. Not drinking enough water
  4. Not getting enough exercise
  5. Eating too much sugar

Top Body Care Regrets

  1. Skipping sunscreen
  2. Skipping body moisturizer
  3. Neglecting th eneck and chest from sun care
  4. Not protecting hands from the sun
  5. Using abrasive scrubs on the skin
  6. Overusing acne treatments
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