Escoffier Culinary Arts School Offers Holistic Nutrition Diploma

Auguste Escoffier School Of Culinary Arts

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, the largest accredited provider of online and campus-based culinary training in the U.S., announced its new Holistic Nutrition and Wellness associate degree and diploma programs, scheduled to begin in February an May at the culinary school's Boulder campus. 

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The expanded pairs the science of nutritional food preparation with the foundation in culinary arts, with a special emphasis on healthy cooking principles for people with specialized diets, food intolerances and preferences. The holistic nutrition and wellness programs were designed by Escoffier chefs, nutritionists, registered dietitians and wellness coaches. 

"We're equipping students with a blend of professional cooking techniques and nutrition science principles so they can stand out with a unique credential in the hugely popular wellness industry. I'm really proud of the in-depth content, hands-on learning activities and in-person externships that culminate in students putting into practice what they've learned," said Kathleen Vossenberg, Escoffier vice president of academic affairs.

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The programs cover practical applications including writing business plans and creating flavorful meal plans for those with food allergies and other health issues, along with a background that explores mindfulness, herbology, Eastern healing practices and how food impacts mental and physical health. 

Escoffier's Holistic Nutrition and Wellness diploma programs conclude with a six-week, in-person industry externship to apply skills in real-world settings with industry professionals, including certified wellness and nutrition coaches, personal chefs, meal planner and entrepreneurs. 

The Boulder campus 42-week Diploma in Holistic Nutrition and Approaches to Wellness program include in-person lectures and laboratory lessons with six holistic nutrition and wellness courses, three industry-focused core and culinary courses and a six-week-long externship. 

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