5 Foods to Add to Your Spa's Snack Menu

women cheersing at spa
Trending snacks to add to your spa menu

From plant-based diets to waste-free cooking, EatingWell's editors crafted a list of some of the food and nutrition trends we can expect to see in 2022. Their team of registered dietitians and test kitchen cooks used consumer data and editorial insights to draft up their predictions, and with those trends in mind, we've put together this list of popular foods that can be easily added to a spa's snack menu in 2022. 

1. Superfood lattes. This includes drinks like functional coffee mixes and adaptogen add-ins. Today's consumers are looking for more than a caffeine buzz out of their coffee. 

2. Kelp and seaweed. Kelp is a healthy, plant-based food that pulls carbon out of the atmosphere, so it's no wonder that it is a popular pick in 2022. Add this to your menu in the form of kelp chips, snack sushi and more. 

3. Sustainable grains. Consumers are demanding more accountability from food producers, so expect to see a lot brands incorporating sustainable ingredients and supporting regenerative agriculture. Look for local food producers or retailers that are making these efforts, and be sure to call it out on your food menu. 

4. Chilled red wines. The natural wine movement is pushing boundaries in terms of certain wine rules—who knew that red wine can be chilled? Up the ante on your luxury services by offering guests a chillable red wine. 

5. Seafood. Views on fish and seafood-related articles and recipes were up 93% and 104%, respectively according to EatingWell. If you're offering a more robust food menu, consider adding some seafood options, spice up a recipe you already have or simply add a call-out on the menu. 

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