Trending in Immune Support

Trends in immune support
Trends in immune support

Consumers have become increasingly interested in any product or practice that has immunity-boosting benefits. That’s why we reached out to industry experts to learn all about the latest trends in supporting the immune system for overall wellness.

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  • Intrinsic support - Taylor Benson, VP of Education and Sales for AKTIV Skincare
  • Eastern medicinal herbs and practices for well-being - Dr. Sandra Subotic, director of East Asian Therapies, BIAN Chicago
  • Implementing CBD and additional functional supplements - Sean McDonalad, COO of CBD Living
  • Making lifestyle changes instead of buying expensive supplements - Dr. Rachel Dew, Doctor of Natural and Integrative Medicine, Cofounder of ModiHealth, Lee Woon Hoe, senior assistant vice president and executive director of Wellbeing at Banyan Tree Luxury Hotels and Resorts
  • Plant-forward, anti-inflammatory, autoimmune protocol, gut-health oriented and fresh herbs - Bridgette Becker, functional nutritionist and holistic health practitioner from The Ranch Malibu
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