Taste: Falling for Pumpkin

Ds2010 Taste Mlis Pumpkin Pie Shake 850np

It’s that time of year when sweet treats are in season,
but that doesn’t mean you have to check your health goals at the door. When those seasonal cravings hit, opt for a delicious and nutritious Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake from Healthy Eats (M’lis Company, 2018). Loaded with protein, antioxidants and vitamins, this blended beauty will have no trouble keeping your hunger at bay, not to mention the added benefits of the whey-based M’lis MRP Instant Meal, which provides skin nutrition and immunity support—with a delightful dash of spice!

“We encourage you to get lost in all the flavors that fall has to offer with this seasonal favorite,” says M’lis CEO Wallace Vigo Nelson, ND, CNHP. “Suspended in our 100% nutritionally dense protein, this pumpkin-packed shake will indulge your festive spirit without the extra weight of calories, fats and sugar that can weigh you down from your health and beauty goals.”

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