Taste: Great Grains




[Image: Courtesy of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort]

Sweet meets savory in these protein-rich granola treats.

Set in Southwestern Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is a 2,000-acre playground that offers activities ranging from golf to paintball. When guests feel the need to wind down, they head to the on-site Woodlands Spa or Holistic Healing Center. The latter, a mixed indoor and outdoor space, includes four treatment rooms, group and private meditation areas, and a small consultation space.

In keeping with the property’s healthy living vibe, guests are treated to the Center’s signature homemade granola bars, packed with protein: almonds, peanut butter and puffed quinoa, which boasts more than eight grams in a single cup. Dried cranberries, honey and dark vegan chocolate add a touch of natural sweetness.

To enable guests to continue their health-conscious diets at home, the Center sends them off with the recipe. “When making the bars on their own,” says director of operations Stephanie A. Wendell, “our guests are thinking of Nemacolin, and when sharing them with friends and family, they’re talking about Nemacolin.” Now that’s a marketing tool, bar none.

– By Carol Sorgen

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