6 Ways to Green Your Spa, Big or Small

sustainability concept green spa products

We asked if you consider eco-friendly practices as vital to your spa's success, and 75% of our readers said yes! If that sounds like you, check out these spa sustainability resources that are more relevant than ever before:

  1. WellSpa 360's April 2023 Issue: Find eco-friendly tips, natural products, plant-based treatments and more.
  2. Incorporating Waterless Treatments Into Your Spa: Waterless treatments appeal to the eco-conscious consumer while conserving natural resources.
  3. Ways to Avoid Greenwashing Your Spa's Marketing: How to stay authentic when discussing your spa's sustainability initiatives and green treatments. 
  4. Plant-Based Spa Treatments: 6 step-by-step protocols that highlight plant-based ingredients.
  5. Incorporating Biophilia Into Spa Spaces: How incorporating natural elements into your spa’s design can elevate guests' wellness experience.
  6. 5 Tips for Adding Sustainability Initiatives Into Your Business: Strategies for effectively implementing sustainable practices and values into spa operations.

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