5 Easy Steps to Make Your Spa Carbon Neutral

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It’s no secret that this fine planet needs our help, and clients will appreciate anything your spa does to be more sustainable. Climate change has led us to be resourceful and mindful of our actions. With many businesses heading toward a greener future, the wellness industry is aware of its carbon footprint more than ever before.

What spa businesses may not know is that there are strong benefits to becoming carbon neutral. In addition to the overall benefit to the environment, spa-goers are increasingly looking for businesses that take sustainability seriously—and they’re more willing to spend their money with those companies. This guide will help spa businesses begin the work toward a greener, carbon neutral future.

Get Started

These five steps are a jumping-off point to help spa managers think about carbon neutral practices.

1. Calculate your carbon footprint. There are a wide variety of complimentary emissions calculators that will help spas tally up their carbon footprint. The option to add a carbon calculator to your business’ website or at checkout is also available. It’s a great way for guests and staff to see the actual cost, as well as how they’re contributing.

2. Brainstorm ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Start by creating a carbon checklist for your business. Some simple options include going paperless, setting timers for lights and switching from a desktop computer to a laptop. These small changes can make a big impact.

3. Educate customers and staff. Carbon offsetting is a fairly new topic for the average person, so providing education to both clients and staff will give them a better understanding of why it’s so important and, in the case of employees, how they can implement the carbon checklist. Make sure printouts of the spa’s carbon checklist and eco-friendly efforts are visible to guests and staff as a constant reminder of your goals; they can be displayed at the front desk right as people enter the space. Additionally, find ways to incorporate these practices into team building exercises as a way to make them a part of your company culture.

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Chay Holford is engagement manager at GSN Planet and founder of eco-conscious lifestyle brand, ELLIE VITA designs. Holford was introduced to the wellness world at a young age, practicing yoga at the age of two and growing up vegan, and is a lifelong earth activist. She has been working with the nonprofit GSN Planet since 2018.

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