Top 2 Ways to Reduce Water Usage in Your Spa

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Let’s talk about water. The official definition of the word spa is: “A mineral spring considered to have health-giving properties.” So naturally, spas can use lots of water, from Vichy showers and hydrotherapy circuits to drinking water—and everything in between. Still, it’s possible to reduce water waste without compromising customer service or doing away with pools and hot tubs. Here are some simple ways to go about using water more mindfully at the spa.

Guests and Water

Start with the basics and look at the quality of drinking water that you’re providing your guests. Then, evaluate the way the water is filled at the station. At the Silverado Resort & Spa in Napa, California, we have been successful at eliminating single-use plastic cups by introducing three simple initiatives:

1. Offer great tasting water so that guests don’t have to buy the dreaded plastic bottled water.

2. Use stainless steel cups at water stations instead of single use cups. The cups are washed at the spa and replaced. Don’t provide disposable cups unless guests leaving the spa area specifically request one.

3. Celebrate when you see a water bottle being used by simply saying, “Thank you!”

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Suzy Bordeaux-Johlfs, spa director of the iconic Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa, California, is a GSN Planet board member and has 30 years of experience in hospitality. In that time, she has opened numerous award-winning resorts, including the first luxury green spa in Colorado, a Platinum LEED Certified Resort.

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