[Inspiration] Holistic Face, Body and Energy Treatments Are Making Waves in Spa and Wellness

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We asked our readers if they wanted to learn about holistic spa treatments, and the answer was a unanimous yes! This quick guide of WellSpa 360's top holistic treatments has all your needs covered, from the face, internal organs and beyond. 

[Demo Included] Holistic Facial Massage Techniques That Naturally Transform the Skin covers the benefits of facial massage, including lymphatic drainage, relaxation and more. 

Crystal-based Wellness Can Boost Your Spa Business: Not only is crystal healing on trend, but adding this holistic touch into treatments can boost your bottom line.

[Editor's Picks] 6 Spa Ingestibles for Holistic Wellness Support: I handpicked these ingestibles and beverages so you can offer guests plenty of holistic support during their spa visits and to take home. 

Support Clients' Internal Organs With These Holistic Spa Treatments covers both in-spa treatments and retail offerings.

7 Holistic Body Contouring Treatments dives deep into amazing Ayurvedic practices that improve health and the physique, like sweating massage, mud therapy and so much more. 

3 Holistic Self-Care Trends to Offer in 2023 is a quick reminder of our predictions for this year (and they are defnitely playing out)!

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