Spice Up Your Menu With These Festive Fall Facials

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Ahh…autumn, such an amazing time of year. The leaves are changing from botanical greenery into vibrant shades of red, orange and golden hues that fall all around us as the sunshine wanes. There is a lovely crispmess to the air and spa appointment books are filling back up after summer vacations! As spa professionals, autumn presents an exceptional opportunity to offer some incredible services and events to increase spa revenue.

"Spooktacular" or "Spooktober" Halloween celebrations, "Boo-tox" medspa events and tantalizing Black Friday deals are fun and festive ways to bring in new clientele. In addition, fall is an amazing time of year to recommend incredible sensory facial experiences to our guests, such as warming products and hot stone massages provided in delicate combination with a variety of scents that exude all the things we fall in love with during this beautiful time. Fortunately, the autumn season brings a whole realm of inspirational elements that integrate magnificently into spa treatments.

Sugar and Spice

Many practitioners love to include pumpkin enzymes into their fall menus, so the spicy scent of autumn clove fills the treatment room with a deliciously decadent aroma reminiscent of cozy nights snuggling by a crackling fire. Adjacent to the Pumpkin Spice Facials are the famed Fire and Ice Facials, a cult classic among skin care specialists that often include cinnamon-infused exfoliants coupled with cooling mint masks. These treatments are perfect for the fall, designed to treat fine lines and promote overall skin rejuvenation for most skin types.

Another well-loved treatment combination are s’more-inspired skin treatments that incorporate cocoa enzymes, fluffy oxygen treatments and serums designed to prep the skin for the upcoming winter months through gentle exfoliation, healing oxygen infusion, hydration and antibacterial action. Likewise, scents of vanilla, salted caramel, pear, orange, cranberry and ginger are also noteworthy additions to the treatment room during autumn and winter.

Perfect Peels

Other offerings preferred during fall include deeper exfoliating treatments, as the late autumn season is the perfect time of the year for chemical peels. Many practitioners incorporate gentle, apple-derived malic acid peels into sweet apple cider facials for a delightful brightening treatment. Another excellent chemical peel for autumn is lactic acid peels, which often smell of toffee and treat a variety of post-summer skin conditions, including hyperpigmentation and uneven complexions.

Beyond peels, one of my favorite facial treatments to add in the fall is a warmed honey massage, which is currently part of our Crisp Autumn seasonal facial specials at The Eclipse Spa. Beautifully protective, hydrating and full of antioxidants, this massage works well with many facial protocols and adds a sensory depth to fall services.

Now, more than ever, in the wake of the pandemic, spa-goers are much more centered on self-care and local businesses than ever. This is a monumental moment for the wellness industry, and no matter what spas choose to include in their autumn service offerings, it is important to provide each guest a wonderfully memorable experience. Thankfully, there are so many amazing autumn favorites to choose from that creating the perfect fall service menu should be no problem at all. 

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