[VIDEO] How to Blend Your Own 'Deep Rest' Aromatherapy with Tara Grodjesk

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There are endless ways to incorporate aromatherapy into your treatment programs to enhance the therapeutic benefits of the treatment. You can even create custom blends that can be used in a variety of spa services, such as massages or body treatments.

We are demonstrating how to blend a sleep solution or Deep Rest blend as a starting point, as so many people are suffering from lack of sleep and good rest, and we now know how important this is to our overall health and well-being. This sleep formula shifts the brain waves from fight or flight (the parasympathetic) to a healing process where the body can recover.

Blending Steps:

We will start by creating a blend promoting deep rest; the recipe utilizes four essential oils.

  1. Start with an unscented plant-based oil as your carrier, then mix in the following 4 essential oils.
  2. Lavender: 4 drops. Lavender is relaxing and stress relieving, considered to be the middle note in the formula.
  3. Vetiver: 3 drops. Vetiver is grounding and deeply relaxing. It's considered in aromatherapy blending to be the base note.
  4. Orange: 3 drops. Orange is soothing to the nervous system (top note).
  5. Chamomile: 4 drops. Chamomile is also sedating and calming to the nervous system.
  6. Now, your Deep Rest blend is ready to use in a massage, deep rest wrap or with a dry brush.

To create this therapeutic blend, we utilize the Mobile Tara Well Bar Cart, which features 21 single-note essential oils that for blending purposes. There are also eight wellness intentions that are pre-blended concentrates, which some spas use for inhalation rituals or to blend into sugar scrubs and body butters or lotions. The spa can choose three, four, six or eight intentions to offer their guest a wellness-focused choice for massage or body treatments.

The Mobile Tara Well Bar Cart also works well in retail areas and does not necessarily need to be linked to a treatment or a therapist. You can make custom blends in the retail space or for groups, like a bridal party or VIP group, or even offered poolside.


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