[How-To] Catering to Your Pregnant Clientele

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Swollen feet. Achy muscles and joints. Heavy and tired legs. We know that every woman’s experience of pregnancy is unique. However, there are a litany of symptoms that are simply a result of the changes that the body goes through, and these present a great opportunity for pregnant clients to enjoy your spa’s wellness solutions.

As a general rule, pregnant women should receive clearance from their medical provider for spa services, as they are most familiar with any additional risks or dangers to avoid for every scenario. It’s also generally recommended that services are done after the first trimester. While there is no specific evidence that services present a danger, this is usually a fragile time in every woman’s pregnancy.

After this crucial period, though, there are plenty of wellness solutions that would be a welcomed treat for these clients. Here are some considerations that will help you take great care of your expectant guests.

Proceed With Caution

To avoid any possibility of overheating the body and raising the core temperature above 101 degrees, saunas, hot tubs and occlusive body wraps are to be avoided. Expectant mothers generally have a higher body temperature, and overheating can cause dehydration and fainting.

With facials, harsh alpha hydroxy acids and ingredients like retinoids and salicylic acid are out. There is also a list of essential oils that are not pregnancy safe, including sage, jasmine, peppermint and rosemary, to name a few.

This is not the time to introduce treatments that trigger healing/recovery responses or integrate electricity, like intensive chemical peels, microchanneling or microcurrent. Chemical services like lash and brow lifts are not recommended for pregnant women, as hormones can alter effective results on hair growth patterns.

Face First

With the drastic fluctuations in hormones, expectant mothers experience a plethora of changes to their skin. The best facials in this case are those that deep clean, hydrate and oxygenate to maintain a healthy barrier. Ingredients should be ultra-nourishing and support skin’s natural moisture balance. Mattifying and gentle purification products are also welcome, as hormones often trigger a change in sebum production.

Cryo tools are ideal for soothing and calming any redness caused by the body’s higher temperature. Be mindful to dress the bed to allow for comfortable, breathable fabrics and make sure the client is positioned with her head raised a bit to avoid dizziness when she eventually gets up.

When it comes to facial massage, avoid pressure points that trigger contractions and focus on movements that assist with contouring and moving stagnant fluid. Expectant mothers typically have a beautiful glow already, so simple yet relaxing treatments are ideal.

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Toshiana Baker is the founder of SpaWorx (spaworx.biz), a consulting and training development agency for spa, beauty and wellness organizations. She is also the founder of the Network of Multi-Cultural Spa and Wellness Professionals (NMSWP), a groundbreaking community to create a sense of belonging for underrepresented and marginalized spa pros. Baker is a passionate organizational leader, dynamic speaker and bestselling author who has served the spa and beauty industry as a licensed skin care therapist and global educator for nearly 15 years.

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