9 Antiaging Protocols to Spice Up Your Spa Menu

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Antiaging is a term commonly used in the spa industry, with consumers ranging from age 20 and above looking to maintain their youthful appearances. We gathered these nine antiaging protocols to inspire your spa menu and keep clients of all ages coming back.

Venus Glow Facial

(30 min./$250)

Venus Concept

The Venus Glow Facial is performed in a 2-step process to achieve deep pore cleansing and facial renewal. The protocol is a tri-modality treatment consisting of an adjustable vacuum, 360-degree rotating tip and two ultra-fine jet streams that work together to open, deep clean and treat pores for a glowing complexion. Each of these modalities serves an important function, loosening and extracting dirt and debris from the pores, and treating a variety of common skin concerns.

1. Use Glow SKINPREP solution to gently exfoliate and prepare the skin for Glow Serum treatment serums or other esthetic procedures. (10-15 minutes)

2. Choose a Glow Serum, listed below, that address the patient’s skin concern. (10-15 minutes)

  • Glow ASTRA: Brighter Skin
  • Glow SANA: Protected Skin
  • Glow NOVA: Youthful Skin
  • Glow CLARA: Clear Skin

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