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Patients are seeking facial and skin care treatments that are quick and comfortable, that also deliver immediate results. In fact, several market research reports have shown steady growth in the global cosmetic skin care market, and forecast that it will reach over  $150 billion USD by 2021. In addition, more and more patients are looking for skin care ingredients that are clean, environmentally friendly, and gentle enough for sensitive skin, all while providing noticeable and lasting results.

Modern skin care has recognized this demand, and now has the advantage of using plant and marine extracts that are scientifically researched, drawn from the purest sources, and tested thoroughly for safety. For that reason, botanical beauty is becoming a must-have component of the modern-day skin care routine. Market research shows that patients are willing to spend the money when it comes to improving the look and health of their skin—you just need to be able to provide them with the right options.

Understanding that clean ingredients, and advanced technology are imperative for aesthetic businesses to thrive with their facial offerings, Venus Concept offers a technology to address what businesses and patients are looking for.

The Venus Glow™ Facial is a comprehensive facial renewal treatment that combines the power of nature in Glow Serums, with Advanced Serum Delivery Technology through our Venus Glow™ device, to deliver both financial and aesthetic results.

It utilizes a powerful tri-modality treatment which consists of:


  • vacuum
  • 360-degree rotating tip
  • two ultra-fine powerful jet streams of the preferred Glow Serum(s)

These three modalities work together to open, deep clean and treat pores for a glowing complexion. In addition to deep cleaning the pores, this facial cleansing machine also works to increase local micro-blood circulation and enhance the spread of nutrients released from the bloodstream while treating a wide range of common skin concerns with Glow Serums.

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The Venus Glow™ Facial treatment is performed in a two-step treatment process for superior pore cleansing and facial renewal. The advanced ingredient profile of our specially formulated Glow Serums includes powerful concentrations of eco-friendly certified organic botanicals, antioxidants and active peptides that are known to deeply cleanse and effectively treat a variety of common skin concerns.

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A gentle cleansing, exfoliating and skin prepping solution formulated with the appropriate concentrations of lactic acid to cleanse, brighten and prepare the skin for other Glow Serum treatments or other aesthetic procedures.


Choose a GLOW SERUM which addresses your patient’s skin conditions:


Skin brightening antioxidant serum, formulated with natural plant extracts and powerful vitamin C to enhance and maintain skin tone, texture and brightness.


Antiaging serum containing amino acid peptides known to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Peptides enhance texture, strength and resilience of the skin. Added benefits of plant extracts known to detoxify and aid collagen production.


Skin protecting serum rich in antioxidants with powerful plant extracts known to slow down aging of the skin while providing protection from free radical damage. Protects, improves firmness and elasticity of the skin.


Calming and soothing serum designed to reduce redness and irritation. Contains peptides to diminish blemishes and redness. Added plant extracts that contain antioxidant properties known to boost skin’s repair system.

The Venus Glow™ Facial treatment can be performed as an effective stand-alone treatment or will complement other aesthetic procedures offered to patients. Sustained through low consumable costs, Venus Concept’s unique business model and the comprehensive marketing support provided, makes the Venus Glow™ with Serums a great investment for your business! 

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