Spa Showcase: Canaves Oia Spa in Santorini, Greece

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Transformed from a 17th-century wine cave, Canaves Oia Spa captures the charm of Oia—a cliffside town on the Aegean Sea—with its white walls, baby chandeliers and dim blue lighting throughout the space’s nearly 2,700 square feet. Located at Canaves Oia Suites, the spa has a single treatment room and a couple’s treatment room, each with a shower, steam chamber, and Rasul suite adorned wholly in mosaics. On the menu is a range of services, from targeted facials and bodywork to nail care and Rasul experiences; there’s even a specialty jet lag recovery offering for the many travelers drawn to the area.

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Business Savvy
ExcusivelySpa, a spa and wellness consulting and management company, handles much of Canaves Oia’s operations. Dragana Marjanovic, ExclusivelySpa spa director, emphasizes good leadership and cooperation. “Managers who view the success of a team as their own make a difference,” she says, adding that regular education—both in service offerings and customer care—is crucial. “We train staff not only to be the best at what they do, but also about the importance of flexibility,” continues Marjanovic. She explains that allowing guests the freedom of choice and room for spontaneity, especially with a large tourist clientele, is an essential aspect of the business. ExlusivelySpa uses staff feedback to make ongoing improvements, as well. “We encourage intellectual curiosity and a diversity of ideas. We’re prepared to try new approaches, treatments and procedures that improve results, guest satisfaction and operational efficiency,” says Marjanovic, noting that many employees have been with the spa for years.

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Signature Service
The spa’s most sought-after service is Relax & Detach (130 min./$286), combining three treatments into one complete experience. It begins with a Bali Paradise Rasul Ceremony, in which a fruit and milk body mask is applied under aromatic steam. Next, the therapist performs a head-to-toe massage with exotic oils—infused with papaya, lemon and frangipani essences—followed by an express Valmont facial. “Relax & Detach provides the best of the best—a bit of everything in just one go. Because the average stay at Canaves Oia is three nights, guests want to visit the spa and experience the island as well,” says Marjanovic. “This service leaves them feeling totally pampered, rejuvenated and ready to explore!”

—Alisha Racker

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