Aman Debuts Spa Candle Collection


Aman is bringing the spa atmosphere to homes everywhere with the launch of its Spa Candle range. 

The collection includes three candles inspired by Aman Spas across the globe: 

  • Grounding Candle with notes of ginger, sandalwood and floral jasmine to foster stillness, focus and reconnection. 

  • Nourishing Candle with notes of bergamot, jasmine, clove and sandalwood to nurture and revitalize.

  • Purifying Candle with notes of rose, geranium and sandalwood to energize and refresh.

Each candle is made with a combination of natural and mineral waxes and are individually poured into a black glass vessel, which has been blown and cut by hand.

They have a burn time of around 40 hours and retail for $84 each.

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