Achieve a Germ-Free Spa in 1 Minute: Introducing Prevention Disinfectants

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In a busy spa, the last thing you want is for germs to impact the time spent with your clients. That is why Prevention Disinfectants, a new line from Virox Technologies, provides the fastest, safest and easiest methods to combat germs in your spa. This means that you have everyday confidence that your workspaces are disinfected with the highest standards of infection prevention. It also lets your clients know that their safety is top of mind.

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There are many surfaces throughout your spa environment that could be harboring harmful pathogens, even if they don’t appear to be dirty. Disinfecting surfaces and tools throughout the day is one of the most critical steps to protect your business from the threat of infection. Unfortunately, too many spa professionals continue to rely on the same harsh chemicals that have been used for decades, compromising on safety in the name of killing germs. Furthermore, disinfectants are slow-acting and don’t necessarily effectively kill viruses, bacteria and fungi, which are the most common germs found in a spa facility.

Formulated to meet the requirements of state boards nationwide, Prevention is also tuberculocidal in 1 minute, making these fast-acting products 10 times more efficient than the competition. When you trust your disinfectant’s efficacy, you never have to worry about germs entering your facility.

Prevention is safe for you and your clients, non-irritating to the eyes and non-corrosive to the skin. The active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, breaks down into water and oxygen, making it gentle for the environment. With eco-friendly measures in mind, Prevention disinfecting wipes are available in refill formats, reducing plastic packaging usage by 90%.Virox Ws2207 Image2

This leads us to the ease that Prevention Disinfectants provides for you. They are available in two easy formats: disinfecting wipes and ready-to-use spray. The wipes are perfect for use on workstations, massage tables and skin and body equipment. The ready-to-use spray can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and equipment. Prevention does not require mixing, dilution or daily preparation of the solution. Simply apply and leave to air dry. The spray is available in one gallon, so you can buy it in bulk and refill your spray bottles when needed.

The disinfectant wipes and spray were created to be easily placed around your workstations, reception, treatment rooms and general spa spaces. Showcase your commitment to infection prevention with Prevention products being on display! 

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Prevention is available through purchase by Universal Companies, a leading supplier to over 35,000 clients in the spa and salon industry.

Learn more about the Prevention’s difference and purchase yours today!


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