[GIVEAWAY] Proper Salon Sanitation Practices Can Improve Your Business

Virox Ds2103 Lead Replacement

From Rejuvenate™ Disinfectants by Virox Technologies Inc.

The combination of Rejuvenate™ Disinfectants with Customized Protocols takes the guesswork out of disinfection, facilitating the highest standard of protection, user compliance and most importantly individual safety.

 Elevate Your Disinfection with Rejuvenate Disinfectants and Customizable Protocols.

Having well designed sanitation protocols paired with efficacious disinfectants can act as the first line of defense in preventing the spread of germs and protecting you and your clients. Protocols help you to pinpoint at-risk areas and provide you with step by step instructions to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi in their tracks.

In addition, Rejuvenate™ Disinfectants are EPA registered hospital grade disinfectants that are effective in as little as 1 minute, against the pathogens that matter most to the professional beauty industry.

The combination of customized protocols and Rejuvenate™ Disinfectants takes the guesswork out of disinfection, facilitating the highest standard of protection and staff compliance.

To elevate your disinfection practices, visit www.LearnAboutRejuvenate.com

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