Mist Clients With Their Vitamins

Buzzy new facial tonic ingredients are misting into spas -- providing replenishment that does far more than moisturize. Here’s what's new and worth a spritz!

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After a languishing year, consumers redirected their skin care regimens looking for happily-ever-after complexions. Today they seek more than the average hydrating tonic. These 3 botanical formulas boost the best of skin, from within.

1. New Illumination Juice™ Tonic leaves skin as pretty as the product itself! A blend of 11 superfruit extracts, and a time-release brightening peptide that provides 24-hour waves of illumination.

2. Super Lettuce® Phytonutrient Tonic is a clarifyingly crisp refresher with triple hydroxy acids – alpha, beta, & polyhydroxy – that visibly calm skin. Plus, vitamin B5 and FarmHouse Fresh-grown powerhouse red leaf lettuce extracts provide an incredibly quenched complexion.

3. Vitamin Berry Instant Pore-Refining Tonic helps you wave goodbye to pores. Made with a natural photo-filter ingredient suspended in rose water, Vitamin Berry diminishes the look of pores while nourishing complexions with organic aronia berry extract.

For skin care tonics that elevate the norm in and out of the treatment room, contact FarmHouse Fresh's warm  team of licensed estheticians, backed with an award-winning education program. 

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