[Study] Consumers Want Personalized Wellness Supplements in 2023

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In a recent study of 5,567 consumers, marketing firm Vesta identified consumer demand for vitamins, minerals, supplements and hydration drinks. According to the study, 60% of consumers are interested in vitamins, minerals and supplements, with one in three interested in hydration drinks. In addition, 58% are "very interested" in personalized supplements, with Gen Z being the most interested at 71%. 

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Consumers are increasingly demanding wellness products, with 66% seeking help in seven or more areas of health. Most of the participants (89%) indicated that product reviews play a key role in wellness purchase decisions, and 68% preferred online communities of like-minded consumers. 

Millennials want supplements with real food sources (72%) and superfood ingredients (69%). Meanwhile, 86% of respondents say family/friend recommendations are important in hydration drink purchases, while athletes and celebrity influencers ranked last at 38% and 28%, respectively. 

It was also reported that women are more likely than men to use hydration drinks as a midday pick-me-up (61% vs. 53%), and transparency and conscientious are important with Gen Z, as 54% want to know the science behind their supplements, and 57% consider sustainability, community and giving back important.

"Becoming healthier during the pandemic was not a flash-in-the-pan, but a shift in priorities, and many are turning to digital neighbors for recommendations," says Susan Frech, CEO of Vesta. "Whether you're a legacy or challenger brand, now is the time to offer personalized products and experiences that secure strong relationships and create a pipeline of advocacy that lasts beyond the 'New Year, New You' season of 2023."

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