Online Fitness Market Poised for Growth

Online fitness is expected to expand within the coming years, due to consumer fitness awareness and increased internet usage.

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According to research study conducted by P&S Intelligence, the online fitness market is expected to experience exponential growth from 2021 to 2030.

The COVID-19 pandemic created opportunities for online fitness coaches and companies to thrive, since many people were forced to stay home due to safety precautions. Those who were previously active before the pandemic often sought out virtual fitness solutions in order to maintain their health and fitness.

With more people working from home, potentially indefinitely, the need for online fitness solutions is causing an increase in the growth of the market. Internet use in minor and major cities, soaring internet speeds, growing public awareness of personal fitness and the usage of smart devices such as wearables and fitness trackers are also factors contributing to the expansion of the online fitness market.

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