In Memory of Susanna DiSotto

susanna-disotto– FC-Sturtevant[Image: Courtesy of F.C. Sturtevant]

The waxing industry has lost one of its greats—Susanna DiSotto passed away on July 5, 2020, after a battle with cancer. She was 56.

DiSotto was known as a thought leader in the waxing industry, but she was also known for the lasting and impactful relationships she had with her peers, family and friends.


DiSotto was a licensed professional and marketing expert with the proven ability to attract and retain customers by understanding and anticipating their needs. She spent 17 years at Conair/Satin Smooth as the director of marketing and business development. There, she expanded Satin Smooth’s offering from only three products to over 300 SKUs and $25 million in revenue. As part of that, she had a hand in creating a host of waxes, equipment and a line of skin care.

Further, she was an expert in cosmetic ingredients, esthetic equipment and the manufacturing process. She joined Columbia Probiotics in 2019 for a brief time as vice president of its professional skincare division before launching the U.S. subsidiary of Sodico s.r.l. to brings its Naturaverde Pro Wax and other brands from the company to the U.S. market.

DiSotto was part of the Board of Directors for the Professional Beauty Association and she contributed to charity efforts of disaster relief funds and the Cut It Out program to reduce domestic violence.


DiSotto is survived by her husband, Michael, and their son, Ben. “Susanna was passionate about what she did,” says Michael. “She was very much an ‘all for one and one for all’ kind of person. She helped everyone, made the time for everyone. She treated everyone the same, from the smallest to the most successful person.”

There are many in the spa industry who formed lasting bonds with DiSotto and are greatly saddened by this tragic loss.

“Susanna DiSotto was a powerful and beautiful woman. She made a positive impact in every one of her endeavors, and she left a footprint in our industry which will remain forever. Behind her strong and professional demeanor was a kind and caring human being; someone who found something positive in everyone and every situation. Above all, Susanna had a sense of humility and grace under pressure which set her apart as a leader and advisor,” added Steven Rosenfeld, CEO of the F.C. Sturtevant Company.

“She was such an incredible light and one of the best connectors and innovators I have known in our industry,” noted Linda Bertaut of Chakrali­cious.

Disotto’s husband Michael furthered that her her legacy and passion will live on through Naturaverde. He is hoping to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the waxing products to cancer research.

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