Jim McKenney Joins Celluma as VP of Global Sales

Celluma-VP-Jim-McKenney[Jim McKenney, VP Global Sales]LED device manufacturer BioPhotas has announced the hiring of Jim McKenney, vice president global sales, who will manage the company’s international growth and develop new markets for the award-winning Celluma series of LED devices. McKenney brings more than 20 years of leadership experience in business development and sales management, having worked with some of the most successful health care companies, start-ups and real estate investment firms. He, his wife Sheryl and their three teenage sons currently reside in Southern California.

This year has been one of unprecedented growth for Celluma, having added four new models to its product line, including options for professionals and consumers interested in aesthetic treatments; professionals and consumers interested in pain management; and anyone who wants to manage acne breakouts. Plus, the company opened sales offices in London and launched a new website. “The Celluma series of light therapy devices are the most versatile LED products available worldwide, offering a wide variety of clinical applications in a single product platform,” said BioPhotas president and CEO Patrick Johnson.

About BioPhotas: BioPhotas develops and markets light therapy devices for healthcare providers and consumers that skin, muscle and joint conditions.

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