Why We’re Buzzing about Valmont’s The Essence of Bees

Bees are not only a keystone species important to the environment, but they also create ingredients with properties beneficial to skincare. Embracing the gifts of bees, Swiss luxury skincare brand Valmont launched its new skincare collection, The Essence of Bees. DAYSPA joined Valmont at the spa at Hotel Bel Air for a look at the latest collection and to learn more about why Valmont chose to focus on bees for its latest launch. Here are four reasons we are excited about the new collection:


  • Ingredients from bees have a whole world of benefits. Bee hives produce honey, propolis and royal jelly, which are celebrated for their numerous health and beauty benefits. Honey has powerful moisturizing and skin repairing properties, propolis is known for its purifying virtues, and royal jelly helps decrease inflammation. 

eob_specialty_setThe limited-edition Essence of Bees box set designed by Didier Guillon.

  • The collection itself is a work of art. Didier Guillon, president and art director of Valmont Group designed 120 limited-edition box sets that were inspired by beehives. The lacquered wood box comes with three vials of Cure Majestueuse and contains an 18-carat gold-plated sheath featuring honeycomb geometric shapes that are a tribute to the Catalan artist, Gaudí.


  • Valmont supports beekeepers. Did you know 1 in 3 pieces of food we eat are pollinated by bees? Valmont has partnered with Pollinator Partnership, a non-profit organization that helps keep bees healthy and offers grants to students studying them. For every product sold $10 is donated to Pollinator Partnership. Valmont has also demonstrated their global investment in saving honeybees by creating sustainable beehives in Switzerland. 

  • The products are made with the spa professional in mind. The collection is made to shine in the treatment room, especially when using the signature butterfly-massage technique.
Paul_and_ValerieSecond generation beekeeper Paul Hekimian with Valmont’s Valerie Garot.

Valmont enlisted second generation beekeeper Paul Hekimian to share some bee knowledge. Here are some things that you can do to help protect bees:

1. Plant bee friendly plants.

2. Provide a water source. If you have a fountain in your backyard and you drink wine, Paul recommends dropping wine corks in the fountain so the bees have a place to land by the water.

3. If you want to remove a swarming hive don’t freak out and call an exterminator. Instead call a bee non-profit such as Honey Love or Pollinator Partnership to rescue the bees.

Valmont’s L’Elixir des Glaciers has brought together the essence of the ingredients in the hive to create three standout products: Cure Majestueuse, a nourishing beauty oil; Masque Majestueux, a nourishing massage mask; and Sérum Majestueux, an eye serum. The products are available starting September 2017 at boutiquevalmont.comsaksfifthavenue.com, Hotel Bel-Air Spa, and SPA Valmont at Hotel Plaza Athénée.

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