Four Seasons Delivers “Good Vibrations” with Sound Therapy Offerings

The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Orlando is delivering restorative experiences for guests, thanks to Vibrational Sound Therapy (50 min./$190; 80 min./$270). The treatments, which involve the use of Himalayan singing bowls, are aimed at cleansing the spirit of negative energy and emotions to help improve health and healing—especially important as the hotel reopens after closure due to the pandemic.

“Sound therapy works through the ears first, then to the brain to quiet your mind and bring about a meditative state,” says the resort’s master spa therapist Stephany Collins.

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During the bespoke experience, the singing bowls are placed on and around the client’s body. The bowls’ vibrations combine with the therapist’s fluid massage techniques to release stress and harmonize the body and mind.

“This service has been very popular since its introduction,” says Derek Hofmann, senior director of The Spa. “We can audibly hear a change in the energy exchange that passes between the bowl and body, and work to clear areas of stagnant stress, muscular adhesion or chakra imbalance.”

Spa-goers at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando can also indulge in a number of indoor and outdoor relaxation lounges, outdoor whirlpool, solarium room and other wellness-enhancing treatments like cupping, intentional aromatherapy and sleep ritual massage.

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