Harnessing the Healing Powers of Crystals in the Treatment Room


Whether or not you’ve personally experienced the healing power of crystals, one thing is clear: Their growing mainstream popularity is undeniable. As evidenced by the recent proliferation of crystal- filled water bottles and crystal facial rollers—and their endorsements from high-profile fans—these healing stones are being lauded as the new must- have accessory. Singer Adele has been known to carry crystals during her performances; Australian model Miranda Kerr says her clear quartz crystal wand studded with rose quartz is a treasured possession; and pop star Katy Perry has proclaimed that her favorite crystals are rose quartz and amethyst. No longer just for new age enthusiasts, healing crystals are even starting to be incorporated into a variety of spa services designed to appeal to spiritually inclined (and curious) clients looking to soothe and treat the body and the mind.

At Chicago-based Allyu, for example, the signature Indonesian Wild Ginger & Coconut manicure and pedicure includes an energizing heated quartz, jasper and tourmaline crystal massage. At the Phoenician Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Gem Stone Healing facial begins with crystals placed on and around the body for healing energy, and then utilizes a gem polish exfoliation and rose quartz gem clay mask. And at Côte’s Los Angeles location, the Healing Crystal Pedicure, which features a rose quartz and essential oil soak, as well as a crystal massage using labradorite and blue calcite, has been so well received that the owners are considering offering it at their New York nail salon as well. “Customers have been over the moon enjoying this treatment,” says Côte cofounder Leah Yari. “We’ve had bridal showers based on this service because it’s such an amazing experience.”

Despite the recent boom, however, crystal healing is not new. The practice of using crystals to cure ailments and protect against disease actually dates back about 6,000 years to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, and was later used in ancient Greece and Egypt, and in religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. Proponents believe that crystals can focus energy in the body, and that each type of crystal has unique healing properties.

“The basic laws of physics teach us that everything in the universe is made of energy, vibrating at different frequencies,” explains certified crystal healer and celebrity manicurist Mazz Hanna. “Crystals vibrate at a very high frequency, and humans—for a variety of different reasons—vibrate at a much lower one. The way that energy works is that it naturally wants to entrain with whatever energy is vibrating at a higher frequency. When we bring crystals into our space, it elevates our frequency, allowing us to reap many different benefits, specifically to our health and well-being.”

Hanna, a former creative director in advertising, left her career to follow her true passions, crystals and nails. Her trademarked Crystal Healing Manicure is now in high demand with her A-list clientele, including Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts and Selma Blair. “My mission from the very beginning was to make crystal healing practical, which is what led me to create the Crystal Healing Manicure,” says Hanna. The service begins with a chakra analysis, which Hanna consults before creating custom-blended tinctures, sprays and oils using various essential oils and crystals tailored to her clients’ individual energetic needs. “From there, I sage the space, create a crystal grid, give a CBD- and crystal-infused massage to the arms and hands, and then get to work putting crystals on their nails,” she says. “Having crystals on your nails is a practical way to reap their energetic benefits.”

Hanna has also recently launched a luxury line of crystal-infused skincare products. “As a certified crystal healer, it was very important to me to use crystals that help with whatever issue our product is trying to resolve,” says Hanna. “For example, our cuticle oil has an amethyst roller ball; amethyst is the stone to call on if you are trying to break bad habits like biting and picking. All of our products are clean and natural, using organic ingredients whenever and wherever possible.”

Côte has also launched a crystal healing nail care product for retail, the Treatment Traveler Set, which consists of six of the salon’s popular offerings—including Resurface & Repair Base Coat and Protecting Base & Top Coat—each infused with crystals. For spa owners who aren’t ready to introduce healing crystal services, retail certainly provides an approachable means to tap into the trend. Namaste in Studio City, California, stocks crystal water bottles in its retail area, while other spas offer a curated selection of crystal jewelry and books about the practice of crystal healing.

While crystal-based treatments may not be theright fit for every client, their emerging presence in spa services is indicative of the increasing number of people gravitating toward them. “I think that wellness is going through a transition that extends beyond physical self-care into the mental, emotional and spiritual realms,” says Hanna. “In the busy world in which we live, it’s important to integrate this new type of wellness into our routines and rituals. Pairing crystal healing with spa services—a ritual many women prioritize—makes total sense.”

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Promote good vibes at your spa by offering a selection of crystal healing products.

by Lotus Abrams


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